Children's Parties

The TORCH Centre is the ideal venue for children's parties. Our Main Hall (50 feet long by 28 feet wide) with a high quality wooden floor is high enough for a bouncy castle. For smaller parties the smaller hall (24' by 20'), and with a carpeted floor provides a really good space. We have plenty of chairs and tables, excellent kitchen facilities and much more besides.

What we charge:
1 hour:  £30.00
2 hours: £34.00
3 hours: £38.00
4 hours: £42.00
If you want longer than 4 hours, please contact us.

What we can offer:
Tables and chairs: no extra charge
Kitchen facilities (including range cooker, fridge and dishwasher): £2.00 per session
Bouncy castle (suitable for children aged seven and under): £25.00 per session

The Main Hall is available all day most Saturdays. It is not available on Sundays before 6.30pm. The Small Hall is available much more often. For more information go to the Calendar.

How to book:
You will need to complete a booking form. You can get one by:

  • e-mailing us at
  • phoning us on 01434 606672 (voice messages will normaslly be answered as soon withinm 24 hours
  • calling at the TORCH Centre office (someone may be able to help you, even when the office is closed)
  • If none of these suit, you could try calling the Administrator on his personal mobile: 07779 296830.


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Page last updated: 3rd February 2022 4:19 PM