Some of our Users

The TORCH Centre welcomes a wide range of groups that use our facilities. Below is a list of some of our regular users with contact details. Most of our groups welcome new members, so please feel free to use the links or contact details to get in touch with them. There is more information about groups and their contact details on our 'links' page.

Molly Freelance Dance

Molly Freelance Dance is an inclusive community dance company. We deliver dance classes for Children, Adults with learning disabilities and our programme Movement for your Mind which is a class specialised to those with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, Stroke Multiple Sclerosis and Dementia. 

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Thursdays 11.15am-12.15pm
Movement for the Mind 








Thursdays 12.15-1.15pm 
Adults with Leaning Disabilities     


























JiveAlive is a sociable and friendly group of dancers. We dance to have fun, and in doing so we raise money for local charities.

Every Wednesday, at the Torch Centre.

8.00 pm, with dancing until 10.30 pm

Bar available

£4 on the door


Second Wednesday of every month - a professional lesson, followed by freestyle dancing

Last Wednesday of every month - a Freestyle Fun Party Night

Every other Wednesday of the month - informal tuition from a member of the group, followed by freestyle dancing

The bar is open to members of JiveAlive

For further information: 01434 601017 / 603966



The U3A is a national organisation with a local group in Tynedale providing low cost opportunities for people, who are no longer in fulltime employment or raising a family, to meet others, learn new skills and have fun!

We have over 40 different groups such as Bird Watching, Art, Tai Chi, History, Italian, Mahjong, Scrabble, Science, Ukulele, Singing, Walking, Railway Studies, French and Current Affairs. There are regional workshops, monthly speakers on a range of topics and visits to places of interest.

If you want to know more look at our website  A world of opportunities and new friends awaits you!

Current weekly activities at the TORCH Centre are:
Thursdays:  1000-1100 - Tai Chi
             1330-11430 - Gentle Exercise

             1400-1600 - Watercolouring
A science group meets on the third monday of each month 1400-1600

For more details of these, contact the TORCH Centre on 01434 606672 (the office is usually open on Tuesday and Friday mornings) or e-mail to




Hexham Spinal Unit 

Sports Club

Wheelchair Sports and Leisure Club Every Friday: 2.00-6.00pm at the
TORCH Centre

Membership is FREE
New members always welcome

The aims of the Club are:

  • To enable all wheelchair users to come to terms with their ABILITY in sporting activities
  • To encourage members to participate in various sporting activities
  • To offer support and encouragement in ability and self-achievement
  • To promote individualism, teamwork and socialisation
  • To envision the benefits, enjoyment and rewards gained through friendly competition

To find out more contact:
Isobel on 0191 236 5787 or
Andy on 07799 621673



Taekwon-Do Classes for children and young people at the TORCH Centre every Wednesday evening 5.00-7.00pm.


The fun and safe fitness training programme for children aged 3 to 5 years old. The programme should help each child find greater self-confidence and self-esteem, while improving their physical development.

Instructors will encourage each child to achieve his/her potential, learning new skills and making new friends.

For more information go to or phone 01786 845060



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