The Centre is managed by the TORCH Association, a registered charity (number 515527)

The Small Hall: ideal for exhibitions, seminars and activities for smaller groups. We also have a large hall, a lounge and a snooker room.






The TORCH Centre is a great place for all kinds of activities and events, such as the exhibition illustrated here. It is regularly used for activities such as Yoga, jive, pilates, exercise and dance, flower arranging, photography and embroidery groups. People use our facilities for wedding receptions, parties and fund-rasing events. Whether you need somewhere for a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly activity, or for a one-off event, the TORCH Centre could be the place for you. You will find that our charges are very competitive and that our facilities are suitable for a big range of activities and meetings.

The TORCH* Centre was created in the mid 1980s specifically to provide leisure facilities for patients in the Spinal Injuries Unit of Hexham General Hospital just opposite. When the Unit was relocated to Middlesburgh, the Centre continued to provide facilities for a wider range of disabled and non-disabled people. We now provide facilities for groups with learning disabilities, for people living with the consequences of stroke and dementia and for wheel-chair bound people. Non-disabled users often appreciate the fact that all our facilities are at ground-floor level.

* Tyndale Open Recreation Centre for the Handicapped