Facilities for Disabled People

The TORCH Association has as its principle aim the support of all disabled people who live in the Tyndale area by providing and maintaining the TORCH Centre for recreation and other leisure activities for their benefit.

The Centre is used by a number of groups whose members have various disabilities. Some are wheel-chair bound or have other physical disabilities; others are affected by the physical and mental limitations that come with old age. Some have learning difficulties, while others have mental health problems. For all these people the Centre offers a safe and welcoming environment for meeting together and engaging in a range of activities.

In addition to the two halls and lounge area, we have a snooker room with a full-size table specially adapted for wheel-chair users and pool and table-tennis tables, also suitable for wheel chair users.

The bar is open to TORCH Association members and their guests on Wednesday and Saturday evenings from 7.00 to 10.30pm. It provides a welcoming and safe environment for disabled and non-disabled people.

The Association sees helping mutual understanding and integration of disabled and non-disabled people as an important feature of its work.

Non-disabled groups are equally welcome to make full use of our excellent facilities.

We like to provide opportunities for disabled and non-disabled people to mix for activities and relaxation.

We offer specially discounted rates for all disabled groups. Please contact us for details.

The TORCH Association in a registered charity (Charity Number 515557).