Booking Forms

Booking forms on-line are available only for one-off bookings. If you want to make a regular weekly or fortnightly booking, please phone us on 01434 606672 or e-mail

Non-disabled users can download a booking form for one-off bookings or obtain one, either by writing to us (address below), phoning us (01434 606672) or sending an e-mail ( Before completing a form, check the availability of the centre for the date and time you have chosen.

You can find this by clicking on Centre Availability or, if you want to use the Centre in the fairly near future, have a look at the Calendar. Alternatively, phone us and we can talk to you about availability.

To complete the form you will also need to see our terms and conditions, and a copy of our safeguarding policy.

Disabled users should dounload a disabled users' form.

Go to Office Hours to see when the office is manned. As soon as we receive the form, we will send you an acknowledgement and, if you have enclosed a deposit, will confirm your booking. Please do not assume that your booking has been accepted before you have received our acknowledgement. Cheques for deposits should be made payable to "TORCH". Our address is:

Torch Centre
Corbridge Road
NE46 1QS